First month of vacation..

Hey everyone!

We have our summer vacation now-May second week to mid July. So i actually spent time in College till almost end of may working on a project-oh that was a great time :)-hardly anyone in the hostel(except the noisy first years who were writing their end semester exams 😀 and the senior batch who stayed back a week or so for placement training

Came home cos I’d decided to go for the Internship at BSNL(or is it Industrial training??… ). How i got to know about the internship and came about applying for it is altogether another story 😀 :

I looked up bsnl calicut’s website and found a few e-mail addresses of people in the office-and so shot off e-mails to 2 of those people right away, never really hoping to get a reply though -sure enough one of the e-mails bounce back(must’ve been some ancient address :P) and so I lose all hope of any reply.  But two days later-Aha! A reply giving me the contact number of the person i should be getting in touch with {I was thinking- oh so they offer internships after all-thats news to me! ; by this time I was back in college for the project-i’d emailed when i was home for the weekend}. Okay so number in hand-I decide to give him a call.

Two rings and he picks up…so i start-“is this Mr. so&so- okay i’d sent an e-mail to and he’d asked me to get in touch with you ?” < Polite enough eh??…least I thought it was…till this :o>….and there he goes-“How can you call elders by name…have you no respect..I’m such a senior officer…blah blah blah…” and i finally tell him- “Well SIR
, I’d actually used MR. to address you” and to this he has nothing much to say  and feebly manages an “Okay…Go on..” 8) . So i get the details from him and decide to go for it-starting may 30th; although that conversation did put me off :|.  A classmate was interested too so i had company :).  He’d told me some form had to be filled, and cos i was at college; mom went to bsnl one day to do it. Now this is almost a week after i called up that guy and one would’ve thought he’d have forgotten about it….but Na!!!! The Guy tells my Mom i ought to be more respectful and stuff- Can you believe that??!!!! Crazy!! (and poor mom; i hadnt told her about the incident 😉 manages to tell him that I aint generally like that and saves my face( and hers :D).. Phew…This annoyed me all the more- and i thought the Guy must be a real sourpuss……….BUT….turned out he wasnt bad at all… …. in fact quite a Warm person and though very sarcastic- guess he just means well for people 🙂

ok getting back to the point….

The two week stint at BSNL was great – learnt a lot of things and found answers to questions I’ve always thought a lot about. We were shown around all the multi various rooms that house the equipment( basically just rooms with a lot of cupboards and blinking LED’s :D) and learnt stuff that our Electronics and Communication Course’d probably never cover..

Having a classmate for company was great- For one, we get along well and you always have someone to irritate when you’re bored :D. Met a lot of new people- and got along very well with someone two years my senior( She’s finished graduation that is..). Bubbly and full of fun.

oh well, the internship came to an end last friday…. and  never ever thought i would but think i kind of miss that place now :D..

So been at home this week- nothing much to do except- reading a lot, Movies etc. So thought- ‘hey! Why not Blog?!’ and here I am writing my first proper post !

Hoping to post regularly but thats it for now-



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