Some Teachers are more than just Teachers…

This blog post is dedicated to someone very special-My math tuition teacher in grades 11 and 12, but more than that, someone who has been a great guide, constant support and a major source of inspiration.

I’ve been thinking about Sir quite a bit in the past 2 years since I finished school. Sitting in some math class in College, those thoughts often come back to me- Those classes till 8 o’clock with just the two of us and Sir in that tiny room with plastered walls, Those tiny flies and lizards all over the tubelight in the rainy season, Sir’s frequent worries that with all the mosquitoes there, one of us might end up with a fever, that Blackboard right below the tubelight-the kind you can roll up, the two of us poring over math questions-each trying to come up with the answer first , Those moments when we prayed that Sir wouldn’t ask us about the Homework we hadn’t done :D……

I remember those moments when sir would want to explain something all over again, thanks to what seemed like the slightest hint of doubt on either of our faces,and how we would try our best to convince him that we had understood the concept.

There were just two of us, a friend and Myself, and we went to him for math tuitions and extra preparation for all the Engineering entrance exams. He was always there for us, ready to clear any doubts, any time. Even on the day before the Math Board exam, he insisted that we have a final recap of all the topics, even if that meant his taking the trouble to come to either of our homes at 7 in the morning.

Though math was my favourite subject right through High school, I began taking much more interest in it (at one point i even considered taking up a career in mathematics :|). It’s all about understanding the concept thoroughly; It’s never about just solving some problems by applying some equations that you have mugged up. This was the subject i liked studying the best and spent maximum time on it ( Maybe if I’d spent even a quarter of that time on Chemistry, I’d have done much better in it 😉 ).

And it wasnt just about math- We learnt quite a few Life Lessons from Sir too- He was always so Calm and Composed and seemed to have Infinite Patience! He would never scold or get irritated but sometimes just what he’ d say to us would be enough for us to remind ourselves that we better buck up and work harder. He was as perhaps as nervous about us writing the exams as we were( maybe even a trifle more :?)  Sometimes he would tell us tiny stories or anecdotes just to drive home the point he was trying to make.

Some of the Concepts were explained so beautifully by Sir- I didn’t realize this as much then, but four semesters into college, I now know, that such teachers are rare and I’ve been very lucky to get to know him.

I know sir wasn’t too happy with the College where  i ended up, He was hoping I would get into some better institutes( I hoped too, till some point :|), Well but this is what destiny had in store for me, and whatever happens, Happens for Good; Right :)?

We still keep in touch and it’s always nice to get a occassional e-mail from Sir saying he just thought of me and wishing me the best.

I have never probably expressed my gratitude to him in so many words( Well, I’m not great at that People Skills and Social courtesies :D, But am working on it..), But he is one of the best teachers I have ever had.

Some Teachers are certainly much more than just Teachers :).


2 thoughts on “Some Teachers are more than just Teachers…

  1. so true!!!! the impacts techrz leave do last …..nt alll… like u said only spcl ones do have d magic of leavng those…..nd meera its an awsome work….do update ur blog…awaitng the next post eagerly…

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