Sleep Walking

My cousins from the US landed here late saturday evening, and after dinner and a game of Carroms we decided it was Sleep time.  They were tired from the long hours on the flight and I was tired as I had woken up rather early on Saturday morning. So by eleven thirty or so, We were all in bed- cousins in one room, My sister and me in one room and my parents of course in their room.

The next thing i know, I hear some thudding sounds and thanks to a beam of light through the curtains, I could see the silhoutte of  my cousin brother bashing up my Keyboard Organ and trying to push it off its stand. I got up, ran in and turned on the light managing to save my Organ in the nick of time. I find their suitcases besides other things strewn on the floor and my cousin standing there seeming restless and talking to himself and he was trying to wake up my cousin sister(who was sleeping soundly and was blissfully uaware of what was happening :D).  By then, mom had heard the noises too and had come to see what was going on.The two of us then coaxed him into going back to sleep, which he did. Mom was very worried that he’d sleep walk again, somewhere near the stairs that lead to the lower floor and so we shut their door and eventually went back to sleep. Maybe the sleep walking was because he was tired and jet lagged- and in a new place or maybe he does it at home too (havn’t asked them about that :D). The next morning , I asked him about it, and just as i thought,  he didnt remember anything from the previous  night.


This reminded me of one instance from my childhood when I had sleep-walked myself. And when I say one instance, I actually mean-THE instance which really began to worry my parents because it was getting out of control(There were several other smaller incidents too.. ;)). And the funny thing is-I still have some vague memories of that night. I’m not sure if the memories are actually memories of what happened, for I was too young when it happened, or whether these memories are just constructed based on what people told me I had done for I had repeatedly pictured myself through those events.

I remember it was a Wednesday night and my dad had his Rotary club meetings every wednesday. We lived in a flat on the fifth floor back then- and my neighbors right across-one Aunty and Uncle were two people I was very fond of. I would spend most evenings playing with Aunty and she’d keep me entertained with her stories. This happened when I was in second or third grade- which means my sister would have just been 2 years or so. My sister slept with my parents in their room, and I slept alone in the next room. At nights, the door was usually latched- one latch on top(and I couldn’t even reach it then)  and one lock somewhere near the door handle.

Ok so that night–

I got up from bed, went to the main door, opened the middle latch, got the Metal stool from near the fridge(there was this green stool that dad usually sat on when he did his dental work, in a corner near the fridge), opened the latch at the top-So now I’d succeeded in opening the front door. I next go ring the bell in my neighbor’s house. They normally slept late, and since it was only around midnight or so, they had just about gone to sleep. So after a few rings, Aunty opens the door, and is clearly shaken to see me standing at the door. They say I then told her, that mom and dad had gone for a Rotary meeting and hadn’t yet returned :o, and so I was very worried and things like that. And when she asked me where my sister was, I told her I had looked after her all that while and put her to bed(I must’ve definitely been sleep-walking; dont see myself doing things like this otherwise :P). So aunty and uncle both became very worried but figure out that there is something wrong and slowly lead me to my parents room. Ha! They find my parents sleeping peacefully there, as if nothing had ever happened :D! They say she then woke them up and told them all that had happened. How I’d opened the top latch remained a mystery for a little while, till dad realized soon enough, that his green stool wasn’t in its usual  place :).

Needless to say, the next night on; Mom locked the door and put the key right under her pillow- so no more adventures in the night for me ;). But that was one incident that shocked some people and made headlines in the apartment for the next couple of days. Most people said- Thank god she didn’t go down the stairs  or Out of the apartment building  or do anything Wilder :D( one girl in London actually climbed a crane in her sleep, and the Fire Force had to be brought in to bring her down).

Oh well! They say Sleep Walking is mostly prevalant in young children and by adolescence, people grow out if it. So, No! I don’t do it any more :D!

And if you have any similar sleep-walking stories, You can share them right here !


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