Expectations Hurt..

A few random events this past week got me thinking about this- till I finally thought I’d post it here..

How often is it that we think we belong to a certain category of people but then realize we are not.  We think we are confident and optimistic enough and EXPECT to do well, but when that crucial moment comes, we feel we ought to have worked harder. We think we can put on a brave face and handle the situation, EXPECTING it to go smoothly, but soon find our cheeks heating up and tears rolling down.  We think we will be able to go to so-so place and EXPECT to complete  such- such thing at a certain time, but then something happens and we have to cancel the whole schedule.

And when we are not even sure of our own schedule or activities, when we don’t know ourselves well enough, when we don’t know where we will be or what we will do next, are we being fair in EXPECTING things from Others….?

We think we know the people around us well enough and expect them to react to situations a certain way, but often find that they react quite the opposite. We take it for granted that somebody we help out today, will help us out someday when we need them. We think we have reacted to a situation well, but it all backfires on us in a while. We assume that our Friends will always be there to stand by us in our moments of difficulty, not taking into consideration the fact that they  have problems of their own.

Are we better off, Each one to his own, or is life worthy only if we live for others? Are we ready to Give, give and give without any Take all the time?

On the one hand, they say that “Life is meaningful only when we live for others” and on the other-“Life is too short, Live it to yourself”. 😐

Should we be ready to oblige people or friends with all their requests, or is it okay to draw the line somewhere and tell them flatly that we have our own things to do?  Should we react to everything with a pleasant face and calm head, or sometimes, is it okay to just get angry and be rude? Should we forgive and sigh and do their bit of work or is it okay to remind them of their share of responsibilities? Somebody tells us- they’ll get something done right away. Do You blindly trust them and Hope for the best or do you keep reminding or nagging them rather and get it done sooner?

3 weeks into this semester and there have been a lot of things happening.  I’ve been put in these delicate situations quite a few times these past weeks. And most of the time, I’m left wondering how to react – to remain silent or speak out loud, to listen to everything people have to say, or to have my way and get the job done, to spend my time getting things done for others or to do my own work first….

Some of them I managed fairly well, and Some backfired in a few ways..

Ahhh guess there are many more of these situations to come considering there is no escape from them.  The skill is in handling them well :)- The best way is perhaps charting out your priorities clearly and making sure Your work gets done, but, without  upsetting anybody(Oh now that is  going to be hard!)…

Using the Wifi in College and not too much time on hand..

So much for now!


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