Just Like Heaven

I watched this movie thanks to a Friend who greatly recommended it. I won’t call it ‘over the top’ or ‘a must watch movie’ but its one of those fluffy ecsapist romantic comedies :D.  It released in 2005 and stars Reese Witherspoon and Mark Ruffalo.

Elizabeth(Reese) is a workaholic doctor who has no social life-the only people she talks to on a regular basis are her sister’s family and her acquaintances at work.  She meets with an accident when driving back home from work(totally exhausted after 20+ hours of continuous work as she’s competing for  a residency post at the hospital).  David(Mark) , former landscape designer and now an almost lonely man, after some upheavals in his life moves into an apartment in San Francisco. Elizabeth shows up out of the blue one day, and claims that the apartment is her’s and tells David to move out. David figures he’s either crazy or he’s being haunted by a very pushy ghost. He tries to get Elizabeth to go out in the light to confirm his suspicions and soon both of them realize that David is the only person who can see Elizabeth, No one else can.  Together both of them then try to find out what happened to Elizabeth, and in the process slowly fall in love.

The movie works though, which is why you are able to accept even some of the preposterous scenes with no logical reason in them.

one of the few dialogues I liked-when Elizabeth realizes that her niece can also see her, she remarks- “My fate is in the hands of a 4-year-old, who has seven other imaginary friends.” 🙂

It’s a feel-good movie, very predictable, and once-watchable surely, if not more times :D.


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