Man proposes, God disposes!

Our college was closed the whole of last week, since it was Mata Amritanandamayi’s Birthday celebrations in our campus.(She is a spiritual leader, and in India most spiritual leaders are respected and idolised as much as demigods or even Gods sometimes :D). I came home on 24th sept. and since I had 9 full days at home, I’d made some plans for myself.  I wanted to catch up on studying 2 subjects(  Yes..they’re both classes where  i barely follow what the teacher is trying to say ;))  and make progress on a project.  My friend had said she would be coming home the following weekend, and since there were a few interesting movie releases then as well, We’d planned to go watch one of them. 9 days is a lot of time- so I wanted to finish reading 2 Books here at Home, and write some blog posts too. I was supposed to take my grandparents for their Eye-test on Tuesday and carry out some of my cooking experiments making Brownies,Payasam and Noodles 😀 in the course of the week.

The weekend, 24th and 25th went by fast. Monday morning, halfway through ironing some clothes; I tell mom ” I think I’m going to fall sick”. Sure enough, by evening that day, I had a fever of 102 and severe throat pain. From then on, Tuesday, Wednesday thursday, friday, saturday,  it was the same story everyday; a Fever of 101-102, chills, throatache and cough. I was taking antibiotics and paracetamol, besides tablets for the cold and body ache on some days. I couldn’t carry out any of my plans- No much studying, No movie outing(Just going down for food and coming back up tired me out) and I didn’t even have an appetite for ordinary food, let alone brownies and payasam :|).

The fever was finally under control, by sunday; yesterday that is. I was initially supposed to get back to the hostel yesterday but have now decided to go back on thursday. Wed and Thu are holidays again- Puja hols, so this gives me an extra 3 days at home- Yay!! :). Still feeling tired and feverish, but it’ll get better soon hopefully.

I’d planned to do many things, but then couldn’t do even half of it thanks to the ill-health. While we can prepare and plan for something, whether it really will happen for sure-we never can say. That is something only time will tell. I should have been back in college today, attending class, but here I am, making a blog post :)!  Indeed, Man proposes, God disposes!


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