Long time, no post :)

I can’t believe its more than a month since my last blog post. I guess october was a busy month with the second internal exams, assignments,  tests and other Project related work. The month went by fast, and though i got down to making 2 post-drafts, i never actually posted them- yes they’re still lying in my Drafts :D.  We conducted a technical quiz for our juniors as a part of our cir-social responsibility project some time last week, and I have to admit here that while we were initially very skeptical about our project and the whole idea of the social responsibility project for that matter :|, it has definitely taught me a few life lessons. We were grouped according to our Roll numbers and that too boys and girls separate-since they said the project would involve a lot of work to be done in the hostel and this would be more convenient (If you ask me, i don’t think it mattered much for most groups :P; and my suggestion to the cir department would be to have mixed groups of boys and girls next year). My group makes it a point to conduct all our events in the college, we know how irritating and Easy it is to get dragged into participating for other events in the hostel. I thoroughly enjoyed organising that quiz, and the bunch of juniors who came for it, were a very enthusiastic lot too. We’re planning to have the final round some time next week. Oh some good news- my blog has inspired one of my classmates to start blogging too :).

Sigh! Busy weeks ahead- almost the end of the semester, so we have our practical and theory Exams coming up in the first week of december.

Oops it’s almost time for the next class  and if i don’t stop now, this post will probably end up in the Drafts folder too :D.

So much for now-and hoping to make some good posts soon.



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