CIR-Social Responsibility Project

This semester, our batch was divided into groups and each group had to undertake one Student Social Responsibility(SSR) Project. These projects are a part of our CIR classes, The Center for International Relations(CIR) is in charge of our placements etc. We could choose any project, work on it through the semester and finally make a presentation and a video conveying the gist of it.  The Project had to involve some kind of interaction with either the public, or other students from our Campus. We were a group of 6 girls and decided we’d do something not many would really choose to do :D, Conduct some Technical Quizzes(Electronics mainly, so open to ECE and EEE Branches)  and a few talks if possible.  It was good fun on the whole-being Quiz-master and getting to know a lot of juniors.  It also taught me a few other things- Being part of a team and taking up individual responsibilities. How to be patient and not lose your cool with other teammates :). How to put your point across, and sometimes how to point out to someone else why their idea isn’t a very good one. Never underestimate yourself! You know more than you think you do. Whatever you do-give it your best shot, goes a long way. We had our presentations yesterday evening.  The project has helped me get to know my friends a lot better :).

On the whole, this semester has been fun, action-packed but definitely lots of fun. and looking back,  it has given me memories that i’ll cherish in the years to come 🙂


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