Our University hosted the First International Conference on Wireless Technologies for Humanitarian Relief at our Campus here from December 18-21. The Tutorials on the first day were held at the Medical School in Kochi while the next 3 days were held here.  For more info on the Conference read up  here.

On the first day, I attended 2 tutorials and both were excellent. The first was on “Context-based Systems” by Prof.Ashok Agarwala from the University of Maryland, and the second was on “Extreme Wireless Distributed Systems” by Prof Maarteen Van Steen, the King of Distributed Systems. In the first tutorial, Prof tried to show us a demo of their ‘Murgency’ system that mainly aims at curbing crime On Campus, but the Demo didnt work perfectly-like he said Murphy’s Law :D.  The afternoon session on WiDS was amazing- Dr Steen mde it sound so simple and casual, someone you can get a whole lot of inspiration indeed :).

We then got back to Amritapuri for the next three days of the Conference. The first day here was good. The day began with a Keynote session by Ms Deborah Estrin, UCLA. A few paper sessions followed. All delegates were taken for a boat-ride in the evening, along the backwaters. Our boat was the smallest and slowest :D, but it was fun nevertheless. This was followed by the big Banquet Dinner. This was organised in the open, outside the main building, and there are just no words to describe the transformation the College has witnessed in the past week! There was a whole host of food varieties and everyone had good fun on the Whole.

The third day began with the Keynote Speech by Dawn Song, from UC Berkeley. She could almost pass off as a student but still has so much to her credit! I attended a tutorial session in the afternoon on Machine-Based Learning that i enjoyed very much.  There was a Cultural Programme in the evening. A music performance where  a Violin, Tabla, Mridangam, Thimila, Dhavil, Ghatam, Chenda and Edakka were played in Unison by some of the best artists in these areas. They played “endaromahanu bhavu” and a couple of other beautiful pieces.  This was followed by a Dance Session, where various art-forms of Kerala were presented. Mohiniyattam, Velakali, Kathakali, Theyyam and Kalari Payattu artists participated in the performance. The performance of the Fire Tricks by the Kalari artists was brilliant :).

And here I am at the fourth and sadly the last day 😦 of the Conference. Today’s Keynote was on a very interesting topic-Femto Cells. And then i attended a session on Network Security by Prof. Sneha Kumar Kasera.

Time for Lunch! 🙂

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