Embroidery Inspiration

Lots of people tell me that I should take pictures of the needle work I do on my clothes, and my various other embroidery projects, if not for anything else, atleast for old times’ sake :). A good idea indeed-so i thought in addition to doing that I could also blog about each of these tiny projects and the inspiration behind them and hence this new category in the Blog.  Embroidery is something I am passionate about, and has kept me occupied nearly every vacation since 7th grade. It all started with my mom suggesting one vacation that I try working on one of Anchor’s Design kits that use satin stitch on pre-printed canvas. A few more of such kits, and that is when the ‘Work Experience’  teacher in school told me about the Anchor National Design-a-kit contest. I came second at the local level the first year I participated in it, but the very next year I was in for a major shock- I was one of the 18 National Winners chosen out of 1 lakh+ entries in the contest! Now this was something I hadn’t even dreamed about :D- I was only hoping to make it to the top 3 at the Regional level.   That was when I began to take up this hobby more seriously and started using stitches on Cloth. Slowly, I started working on small motifs on cloth, that were later made into kurtis. 11th and 12th grade were two busy years and this took a backseat, but one semester into college, and I felt i should get back to it. I sure did-worked on 4-5 tops this past year.  My immediate next aim is to learn Kutch work-and I hope to do that sometime soon.

So the very next post here will be on some embroidered hankies-Simple yet pretty. Look out for more :)!


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