Simple Hankies

These hand kerchiefs with tiny embroidered motifs and crochet edges make the perfect gift for friends- not only is it a very usable gift, it will give them a reason to think of you more often :). All you have to do is-

Buy white or any other (preferably light) colour thin cotton cloth and cut it into required kerchief dimensions.

Stitch/ Hem the edges to prevent fraying. Keep the edges thin, as they will anyway get thicker eventually with the crochet edging.

Find some small motifs (floral designs or anything colourful that’ll look attractive), and trace them onto the corners of the square bits of cloth. Floral designs like the ones I”ve used work well. They can be worked on using simple lazy-daisy stitches, which are quick and look great when used on floral or leaf patterns. Chikan work also can be used for the motifs.

And lastly: I have to admit, the photo isn’t great- but I did not have a camera on hand, and this was one of the better pictures i managed to get using my phone 😀


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