Look out for these :)

Last night I got this forward sms from a friend about the 4 ‘looks’ of life or rather the four things you should be looking out for. I liked the sms and thought I’d share the idea here..
1) Look Back: It’s always important and useful to remind ourselves now and then of where we started off and how we got to the stage we are in. Besides it can help us learn from the mistakes of the past and prevent more of the same :). As people say- Always always remember that you were a beginner too someday and only progressed along the way. Be grateful to those whose help and support you sought!
2) Look Ahead: Yes there’s always Hope ahead, so don’t lose faith. Remember- whatever happens, happens for a reason and happens for the best. Also,looking ahead can help plan for the future so that you mess up lesser later.
3) Look Around: This is to remind yourself of what the ground reality is-looking around can pull you back to the real world when you are soaring in your dream-clouds 😀
And of course-the fourth and perhaps most important-
4) Look Within: This is what ultimately gives you confidence and drives you to your goals. ALso, most of the rest is futile without any ‘looking within’-You need self-confidence first. Never ever underestimate yourself-in fact, you know more than You think you do!

I was already lost in thought when i got the sms and considering the fact that i was feeling slightly dejected then, it helped cheer me up a bit..

Hmmm….so much for now!


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