Getting a Kotak Jifi Account?-More power to you!

Ever imagined that you can possibly own a bank account with zero minimum balance? Or own a non-interest bearing current account? Or sign up for a bank account and get banking alerts via Facebook? Wouldn’t it be great if account balance is automatically moved to Term deposits so that you can get returns on Idle money sitting in your account; and you can earn points for online transactions that can later be redeemed? Kotak Mahindra Bank-Jifi, offers all this AND Much more!

Welcome to new age banking for the Digitally driven, and socially connected. Join KotakJifi TODAY, for the ultimate banking experience. 🙂

Some of the key features include:

> Using your Facebook account to create your Jifi account: Creating a bank account has never been easier.

> Account balance of >5000 at the time of creation of the account: This money may later be used for online transactions/other banking needs.

> Account Balance > 25000 is moved to Term Deposits automatically: So you can now get a decent interest on idle money in your account-and all this without any additional paperwork and related hassles!


> Gaining points for online transactions and inviting friends to join the network: Earn points for referrals and transactions online, convert transaction points to social points, redeem points for some super-cool offers online and do much more


> Account balance information, transaction history, cheque book requests, etc are a tweet away and can be done in a Jiffy 😀 : No more wasting time waiting in the bank to request for a cheque book, and then making another trip to the bank sometimes, to pick it up.


> Mobile Banking App: Lets you manage accounts, transfer money, etc all on the go. Also includes a personal finance tracker (which I know, is incredibly useful!)


>Kotak Offers App: Android and iOS users can use this app to track the offers available on a wide range of products and services on their Kotak Mahindra Cards.


Watch the video below to get a better idea of all that Kotak Jifi has, to offer! 🙂

If you are in Bangalore, Bhubaneswar, Chandigarh, Chennai, Coimbatore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Lucknow, Mumbai or Pune- It’s time to get started and experience re-defined Banking, TODAY, and be a part of history in the making!> #JifiIsHere

I’m just waiting for Jifi to start service in my hometown so that I can set up an account too 🙂

**This Blogpost is written as a part of the IndiBlogger Contest: Kotak Mahindra Bank-Jifi


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