IndiChange Campaign-Milaap

Milaap is a not-for-profit micro-financing organization that has helped set up a wonderful platform for hardworking borrowers across India to connect with potential donors across the globe who are willing to make a contribution and take them one step closer to achieving their goals. While it is very similar to RangDe, (where I worked for a while as an Online Content Writer), Milaap reaches out to a broader spectrum of borrowers-From students seeking educational loans, to artisans hoping to set up or improve their livelihood, to farmers, grocers, and others hoping to set up small scale businesses-and this is exactly what I really like about them.


As part of an IndiChange Campaign(An Indiblogger initiative), all you need to do is-Write out a small(max. 130 characters) warm message to one of the ambitious borrowers on Milaap, and IndiBlogger will contribute Rs. 1000 towards their loan on your behalf. I just made my contribution now. You don’t even need to have an Indiblogger account-Just your name and email address. So please take a minute, and go to this link, and put in your message. This one minute of your time may go a long way for someone out there striving to achieve their goals! Empowered citizens are the key to the success of the nation 🙂


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